Chemistry clinic

The Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry's student-led Chemistry Clinic provides opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and larger companies to access chemistry facilities or consultancy services, for large or small projects.

four chemistry clinic students stand side by side wearing white lab coats in the chemistry clinic

How we can help

Companies often have projects on which they would like scientific advice, or they may want their current processes and materials assessed or developed. If so, the Chemistry Clinic can help. The Chemistry Clinic offers expert advice from academics specialising in the relevant field, the services of enthusiastic placement students, and access to specialist facilities and instrumentation.

Areas of expertise

The clinic consists of an academic, who is an expert in the field, alongside a teaching associate and our team of 4th year MChem students. Assistance can be provided from one particular section of the department, or it could be multi-disciplinary, from within the department or other areas of the University, depending on the needs of the project. Areas of expertise include:

The boardroom in the Thomas Graham building with a large oval table and chairs, which looks out over glasgow

  • materials and nanochemistry
  • analytical chemistry
  • chemical biology
  • forensic science
  • inorganic synthesis
  • organic synthesis
  • physical chemistry
  • applied chemistry 

Our analysis techniques

Some of the available techniques include:´╗┐

  • polymeric instrumentation: rheology, extrusion´╗┐
  • spectroscopy: NMR, UV-vis, IR, Mass spec, GC, HPLC
  • elemental analysis: CNH analyser, ICP MS
  • thermal analysis: TGA, DSC, TVA


All projects are charged a small fee, which is assessed on an individual basis.

Intellectual property

Our in-house contracts manager will draw up an agreement for non-disclosure and Intellectual property. When you and/or your company are happy with the draft, it'll be signed by both the industrial contact and the University.

Access our services

Come along to an initial consultation, free of charge, and let us find out what you need along with the parameters of the project. Once the project, time-lines and a small fee have been agreed, contracts are put in place to formalise the structure and ensure confidentiality. Open communication between us is maintained while the project is conducted, to ensure project deliverables are realised.

Organise your consultation

For more information or to discuss what technique is most suitable for your applications, please contact:

Dr Sharon Ingram

t: +44 (0)141 548 2299


Main switchboard

t: +44 (0)141 548 2282