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Computer & Information SciencesComputer security

The increasing use of computer-based systems throughout many different industries presents many issues concerning computer security such as:

  • techniques for system and network integrity
  • strategies for information security
  • the development of robust network services

Our research

We look at a wide range of issues including:

  • intrusion detection techniques
  • malware characteristics
  • textual steganography
  • trusted systems
  • the role of human factors in enterprise security along with usable authentication

We're particularly interested in social and nature inspired approaches to security and situational awareness in self-protecting systems. To support this, we're investigating approaches to detecting web intrusion inspired by the human immune system along with mechanisms based on the human notion of trust for managing security risks in common computing systems.

We're also looking at research problems and solutions in digital forensics and cybercrime. Our research tasks relate to the detection, isolation and proof of digital evidence. These aspects of our research can be used in crimincal proceedings. We maintain close links with digital forensic investigators, the legal profession and law enforcement agencies.

Our researchers

Computer security research is led by: