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Computer & Information Sciences Data Analytics, Software Systems, and Interaction Research Group

Understanding large volumes of heterogeneous data is key to much business, science and societal support. However that data must be used in ways that are understandable and must be handled securely by complex stable software systems. The Data Analytics, Software Systems, and Interaction Research Group (DASSI) at Strathclyde investigates these three connected research themes in the area of data science or big data. Together they cover our research into intelligently handling complex data and software systems. This can both lead to better accurate understandings and predictions, and can also be used to inform decisions or to improve user interaction.

The group has research and knowledge exchange competencies in many aspects of data analytics, software systems, cyber security, usability, interactive systems design and evaluation of software and its usability.

We support PhDs across our themes and contribute to the department’s MSc programmes on:

We also assist with many elements of the undergraduate Software Engineering and Computer Science degrees.

The group has three strong subthemes on: