Person taking a photo with a mobile phone

Data Analytics, Software Systems, and Interaction Research GroupMobile and Ubiquitous Interaction

The Mobiquitous Lab investigates human computer interaction (HCI), interface design and user behaviour in the context of mobile and ubiquitous computing.

Sensors, crowd-sourcing and data-centric predictive algorithms can all be used to augment behaviour and improve interaction, or reduce the need for direct human interaction while smart visualisation or presentation techniques are needed to present complex data in understandable ways on small displays.

Current and recent research projects

Sample projects include:

  • Supporting Rehabilitation Using Smartphones
  • Older Adult Text Entry
  • Social Factors and User Perceptions of Authentication Technologies
  • Thermal Feedback Systems
  • Mobile App Data as a Utility for Public Health Benefit
  • Video Games to Foster Creativity

Meet the team

Dr Mark Dunlop (Theme Leader)
Dr Marilyn Lennon Dr John Levine
Dr Martin Halvey 
Dr Marc Roper