A group of young people sitting looking at computers and tablet devices

Computer & Information Sciences e-Prehabilitation system of care

Are you interested in sharing your ideas to help young people recently diagnosed with cancer?

What is the study?

The purpose of this study is to inform the development of a digital system of care to support teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer in the period between diagnosis and start of treatment. We call this period 'prehabilitation' and in this study, we'd like to develop an electronic resource for people to use during this time. For this reason, we refer to an e-Prehabilitation system of care in this project.


To ensure the success of the new technology, we'll apply a collaborative approach involving potential users of the e-Prehabilitation system of care.

This study aims to understand the potential role of digital technology in assisting care offered by healthcare professionals to teenagers and young adults with cancer between diagnosis and start of treatment.

It also aims to identify appropriate technologies to support the delivery of an e-Prehabilitation system of care. In addition, as part of this study, we'll obtain perceptions of the needs of teenagers and young adults with cancer at the time of diagnosis by engaging with young people who are receiving or have completed treatment.

Can I take part?

We have two different groups of study participants: Young people diagnosed with cancer and Healthcare professionals.

Screening questionnaire for young people

You can join our research study if you are 16-26 years old, have been diagnosed with cancer in the last three years and have received support or treatment in Scotland. Please complete our screening questionnaire for young people to see if you can help us.