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Computer & Information Sciences Software Systems

The Software Systems Group is made up of researchers with a range of expertise spanning the engineering of complex and novel software intensive systems.

The research of the group falls into two broad themes:

  1. Supporting the construction and analysis of complex software-based systems - an extremely challenging activity that requires the development of sophisticated tools, techniques and evaluation mechanisms
  2. The challenges of engineering mobile and distributed systems that rely on large amounts of globally distributed data but run on small portable computing devices

Much of our research stems from existing challenges and our goal is to produce solutions that are ultimately of use to the practicing software developer. As a result, we have many years of experience in assessing tools and techniques.

Our researchers

The group is made up of academics, research assistants and PhD students.

Our projects

Our work is looking to answers questions such as:

  • What are the key features, abstractions and interactions in any design and how can they be identified?
  • Can good design be identified and visualised?
  • What empirical evidence exists to support good design?

Find out more about some of the projects the Software Systems Group have been working on:

Take a look at the Software Systems Group website for more information.