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Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management Creativity & innovation

Creativity and innovation involves the design and development of products and processes that deliver value to the user.

Our research investigates the creative design process and how this can be optimised to ensure innovative products are delivered. The end products must be easily manufactured, sustainable, and have the potential for recycling, reuse, or remanufacture. We use technology that enables 3D scanning and capture and reverse engineering. We also have a suite of CAD, virtual and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Some of our research focuses on user-centred design, specifically looking at design for older people or those with additional support needs. We also look into the engineering design process and how it can be best employed to ensure through-life information and knowledge management, optimised decision making, systems integration, and successful collaborative and distributed design.

Our facilities

Our researchers make use of a suite of digital design and prototyping equipment within our digital design and manufacturing studio, as well as leading edge CAD programs and modelling and simulation tools.

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Our researchers

We have a thriving research community of world leading experts and developing research students whose capabilities span our five research themes.

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Current research

Our researchers are currently working on topics including:

Some of our related PGR projects:

  • Through-Life Sustainable Systems Engineering Design – Laura Hay
  • User Centred Rehabilitation Engineering to Overcome Reduced Mobility in an Ageing and Sedentary Global Population – Christopher Millar

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