children being taught in classroom

Education Educational and social practices in curricular subjects

This research theme focuses on projects that generate knowledge about how curricular subjects and pupil transition designs can draw on the social and cultural knowledge of pupils and the wider school community. We seek to understand the complex influences that increase curricula capacity and pupil engagement, attainment and outcomes by studying how curriculum and school practices can better-relate to the cultural, intellectual and social practices in and out of schools and nurseries.

Collectively and individually, the school and community-based research projects in this strand create the climate for theorising how complex, place-based projects can advance knowledge and inform the work of educators, researchers and of the policy community.

The approaches are often close-to-practice or developmental and rooted in developing technical knowledge using co-production methodologies. Whether ‘theorising practice’, or exploring ‘theory into practice’, the research projects in this strand make a meaningful contribution to the development and understanding of how and why education policies, curriculum design, implementation, intervention, and assessment work in context.

Research projects