EducationTechnology enhanced teaching & learning

Smart learning environments

Researcher: Dr Stavros Nikou

Date: Ongoing

In an ongoing collaboration with the Smart Mobile and Integrated Learning Environments (SMILE) Laboratory University of Macedonia (Greece), the project investigates how mobile technologies can enhance teaching and learning in different educational settings (secondary and higher education). The project also explores usability, user experiences and technology adoption issues in mobile and smart learning environments.

Physical computing, digital design and 3D printing in primary education

Researchers: Dr Stavros Nikou, Robert Collins, Hendry Martyn  

Date: September 2019 - September 2020

The project, in the context of the University of Strathclyde Vertically Integrated Projects for Sustainable Development, investigates   primary pupils’ attitudes towards Makerspace activities (digital design, 3D printing, laser cutting, physical computing) aiming at supporting the creative use of educational technologies in the elementary classroom and the development of student learning through design-based learning and project-based collaborative learning.  

Exploration of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on online education and academics’ and students’ perceptions about the adoption of learning technologies

Researcher: Dr Stavros Nikou

Date: May 2020 - ongoing

The project aims to collect empirical evidence on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on online and blended learning. How the forced shift from face-to-face to online affected teachers’ and students’ perceptions about online education? What are the factors that influence the continuance intention to use online learning systems? How the newly adopted learning technologies affect student online learning?