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Education Education, Philosophy and Culture

The Education, Philosophy and Culture research group includes a broad range of research interests and activities, including philosophy of education, moral education, museology, anthropology and archaeology, literary, aesthetic and cultural education, and practical philosophy with children and adults. What binds this community of researchers is an understanding of education as not only a social science, but also as a human science: education as encompassing the humanities.

Scholars within this research group engage in a wide variety of research approaches but tend to focus on theoretical, conceptual and logical, i.e. philosophical, analysis of educational ideas and practices, and the ways in which they are embedded in and shaped by different cultures and subcultures. In general terms, this work consists in the elaboration and critical analysis of different conceptions of education, teaching, the teacher, the student, educational relations, children, parenting, schooling, and so on. This work is also significantly concerned with the purposes of education, and in examining justifications for the varied claims or hidden assumptions about those purposes. The methods employed are varied but they usually centre around different ways of interpreting educational phenomena. Often theoretical and textual in focus, the work undertaken within this group examines historical as well as contemporary educational ideas and concepts as presented in all sorts of media like texts, movies, pictures, rituals, architecture, institutionalised structures, etc. In empirical terms, much of the work pertains to exploring the potential benefit and impact of practical philosophy with children and adults in schools and other settings. In relation to developing new research methods, the group is also developing the use of philosophical dialogue as a rights-based research method. 

Our activities

The School of Education at Strathclyde hosts regular philosophy of education events funded by the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Strathclyde branch: http://www.philosophy-of-education.org/about/strathclyde-branch.html

Recent seminars have included talks by Prof Gert Biesta; Dr Rille Raaper; Prof Tim Ingold; Prof Paul Standish; Dr Andrea English.

In addition to those series of seminars and lectures, we regularly attend and present at national and international conferences and entertain an extensive network of philosophers and philosophically interested people within and out with academic circles all over the world which expands our own expertise, supports us in our research and broadens the horizon within which we work.

In the School of Education, we carry the EdD pathways Doctorate of Education (Philosophy and Culture) which doctoral students can choose as a specialisation by enrolling into three of the master modules we offer for the full-time MSc Education Studies (for more information on this, please contact Karsten Kenklies or David Lewin; see below), and the pathway Doctorate of Education (Philosophy with Children), which doctoral students can choose by enrolling into three of the master modules we offer for the part-time PgCert Philosophy with Children (for more information on this, please contact Claire Cassidy; see below).

We are also engaged as supervisors in a broad range of full-time PhD projects in our different fields of research, and we would like to encourage national and international students to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of future research collaborations on doctoral and post-doctoral level.

We are active members of a range of academic societies and organisations and contribute to different funded and self-sustained research activities within the School of Education at Strathclyde as well as of other institutions.

Recent projects

  • MQuITE: Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education. A 6 year, Scottish Government funded project examining the ways in which Scottish ITE might be examined for quality. Paul Adams is co-PI with Dr Aileen Kennedy (Edinburgh Universty).
  • East-Asian pedagogies: a conference hosted at Strathclyde in 2017 that is leading to an edited book East-Asian Pedagogies. Education as Formation and Transformation Across Cultures and Borders (accepted by Springer) edited by David Lewin and Karsten Kenklies and to be published in Summer 2019.
  • Love and Desire in Education: a conference panel at the American Philosophy of Education Society annual conference in Seattle in 2017 that will appear as a Special Issue of the Journal of Philosophy of Education in 2019 edited by David Lewin and David Aldridge.
  • Human Science Pedagogy: a conference hosted at the University of British Colombia in collaboration with Dr Norm Friesen (Boise State University), June 2018. Currently the research team are exploring publications options for a range of papers presented.
  • Christian Flourishing in a Technological World: David Lewin is engaged in a 3-year project funded by Isaachar Trust with a group of international scholars whose aim is to develop an anthropology in the context of Christian faith. See project website: https://www.christianflourishing.com/
  • Nanjing-Strathclyde Symposium: a number of members of the research group presented papers at Nanjing Normal University at the 2nd collaborative research colloquium
  • David Lewin is Guest researcher at Nanjing Normal University (2019-2021)
  • Beyond Vice and Virtues: a collaborative book project engaging a number of the members of the research group along with some select international partners
  • F.D.E. Schleiermacher: On Pedagogy. A Lecture (1826): A commented translation with additional reflective chapters (of international partners and members of the research group) is edited and introduced by Karsten Kenklies and Dr Norm Friesen (Boise State University)
  • Disruptions. The Chronic Crisis of Education: A Panel (Karsten Kenklies, David Lewin, Dr Sebastian Engelmann/ Germany) has been accepted for the PESGB Conference 2019 in Oxford
  • Education Studies: A Systematic Approach: A book project which emerges as collaboration of Karsten Kenklies, David Lewin, and Norm Friesen (Boise State University)
  • Hong Kong - Strathclyde Symposium: in December 2018, a number of members of the research group presented papers at Education University Hong Kong to explore the possibilities for collaborative research; as a result, several joined projects have been developed with colleagues from EdUHK
  • Children’s Voices on Childhood is a project involving colleagues from ten countries and six continents exploring children’s conceptions of child/childhood through philosophical dialogue.  Claire Cassidy is the PI.
  • All-Ireland Doctoral Conference: Claire Cassidy delivered the keynote lecture on Practical Philosophy and Creating Agents of Change.
  • Gareth B. Matthews, The Child’s Philosopher will be published by Routledge. Claire Cassidy, in collaboration with Prof. Walter Kohan from Rio State University, Brazil, is authoring a chapter on Matthews’ foundational contribution to the field of Philosophy of Childhood.
  • Collective Worship and Religious Observance in Schools: An Evaluation of Law and Policy in the UK was an interdisciplinary AHRC-funded project between Law and Education for which Claire Cassidy was on the steering group.  The study produced a report (http://collectiveschoolworship.com/documents/CollectiveWorshipReligiousObservanceAHRCNetworkReport13November2015.pdf) and the book, Collective Worship and Religious Observance in Schools, edited by Peter Cumper and Alison Mawhinney, and published by Peter Lang in 2018.
  • Universal Individuals. National Education in Globalised Age: A Special Issue for the Journal of Philosophy of Education that is planned by Karsten Kenklies and David Lewin and that will invite colleagues from the research group at Strathclyde and from Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Taiwan to participate
  • Research Collaboration: Philip Tonner is developing a joined project with Dr Sara Cura, Archaeologist, Museum of Prehistoric Art of Mação, Researcher in Quaternary and Prehistory, the Geosciences Centre of the University of Coimbra, Invited scholar, the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar

Recent publications

  • Article: Adams, P. & Anderson, J. (2019) Moderation and the primary school context, Education 3-13, 47:1,1-17.
  • Article: Cassidy, C., Conrad, S-J. & Figueiroa-Rego, M.J. (2019). Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a Rights-based Research Method. International Journal of Research & Method in Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/1743727X.2018.1563063
  • Article: Lewin, D. (2019) Toward a Theory of Pedagogical Reduction: Selection, Simplification, and Generalization in an Age of Critical Education, Educational Theory, 68: 4-5.
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  • Article: Kenklies, K. (2018) The eternal flower of the child: the recognition of childhood in Zeami's educational theory of Noh theatre. Educational Philosophy and Theory. https://doi.org/10.1080/00131857.2018.1533463
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International links 

The research group is well connected nationally and internationally. Below are some particular connections and partners concerning various international projects (this list is indicative rather than exhaustive).

  • Belgium (Dr Joris Vlieghe; Prof Jan Masschelein, KU Leuven)
  • Brazil (Prof. Walter Kohan, Rio State University)
  • Canada (Dr Sam Rocha, University of British Colombia)
  • Canada (Prof. Marie-France Daniel, University of Montreal)
  • Chile (Dr Fernando Murillo, Pontificia Universidad Catόlica de Chile)
  • China (Prof Caiping Sun, Dr Xiaoling Wu, Nanjing Normal University)
  • Germany (Prof Ralf Koerrenz, University of Jena; Dr Sebastian Engelmann, University of Tübingen)
  • India (Prof Rohit Dhankar, Azim Premji University)
  • Japan (Prof Hiroyuki Sakuma, Tamagawa University, Tokyo; Prof Yasuo Imai, Women’s University, Tokyo; Prof Jun Yamana, Tokyo University)
  • Mação (Prof Victoria Harrison, University of Mação)
  • Netherlands (Prof Gert Biesta, University of Humanistic Studies)
  • Norway (Dr Sølvi Mausethagen, Oslo Metropolitan University)
  • Poland (Dr Piotr Zamojski, University of Gdansk)
  • Portugal (Dr Maria José de Figueiroa-Rego, University of Porto)
  • Switzerland (Dr Sarah-Jane Conrad, Pädagogische Hochschule, Bern)
  • Taiwan (Dr Max Luo-Xiang Chen, Taiwan Normal University)
  • USA (Multiple contacts: Philosophy of Education Society)

Staff working in this area

Dr Paul Adams

Dr Paul Adams interests lie in the area of education policy and politics. He is particularly interested in theoretical approaches to policy analysis, and the deconstruction of policy Discourses as they are positioned situationally. His work draws on elements of philosophy, sociology and research methodologies and in particular Positioning Theory. He is currently, Co-PI for the Scottish Government funded project: Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education, a collaborative venture between all HEIs across Scotland who deliver Initial Teacher Education (ITE). Paul is the author of a number of publications that consider the ways in which matters such as pedagogy, policy and learning are positioned in the workplace. He is also author of the Routledge book, Policy and Education.

Dr Claire Cassidy

Claire is interested in the concept of child, mainly from a philosophical perspective.  Her book, Thinking Children, offers a unique philosophical exploration of the concept of child and proposes ways in which children’s voices and children’s participation might be promoted in society. A major part of her work is in the area of Philosophy with Children (PwC).  She is particularly interested in children’s dialogue and participation. She is currently developing the use of philosophical dialogue as a rights-based research method.  A key feature of her work is her collaborations with teachers on research projects relating to Community of Philosophical Inquiry in classrooms.  She leads to international project Children’s Voices on Childhood, exploring international concepts of child/childhood with children through philosophical dialogue. https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/cassidyclairedr/

Dr Sharon Jessop

Sharon’s research interests focus on conceptualisations of child and childhood in relation to modernity and the implications of these understandings for education. Specifically, she is interested in understandings of the child in relation to history, the present and the future, particularly with reference to 20th Century French and German theorists associated with the Frankfurt School and the international Surrealist movement. Recent work on Georges Bataille has connected her long-standing interest in educational inclusion and her active promotion of equality and diversity within the School of Education, with a philosophical anthropology that explores the themes of difference and exclusion. https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/jessopsharonmrs/

Dr Karsten Kenklies (Co-convenor)

Karsten’s interests range from systematic discussions of concepts of education of all periods and places to international and intercultural comparisons of ideas and practices of education in a contemporary, but also in a historic perspective. Especially East Asian pedagogies come into view here: Karsten not only spent some time in Japan, he also returns there every year and is working on a series of papers addressing Classic theories and practices of education in Japan in order to challenge modern educational thinking of ‘the West’. This connects to broader interests in Aesthetic education as well as more arcane debates around for example Martial Arts pedagogy. Besides all this, he has a personal interest in modern debates around the conceptualisations and possible practices of a Queer pedagogy. https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/kenklieskarstendr/ 

Dr David Lewin (Co-convenor)

David’s research addresses questions that intersect three domains: philosophy of religion, philosophy of technology, and philosophy of education. His recent work examines: different conceptualisations of religion and religious identity, and the implications of the concepts for education; concepts of mindfulness applied to education; ideas of secularism and the ‘post-secular’ in education; educational theory and philosophy informed by the work of Heidegger, Ricoeur, Teilhard de Chardin, Paul Tillich, Jean-Luc Marion, Meister Eckhart, and continental philosophy in general. https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/lewindaviddr/

Dr Philip Tonner

Philip’s work explores themes at the intersection of philosophy, anthropology/archaeology and education. Philip also has a sustained interest in museums, heritage, and literature, in connection to both education and childhood studies. https://www.strath.ac.uk/staff/tonnerphilipmr/