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Education Equality & achievement

This research group considers intersectional dimensions of equality and inequality, as related to, for example, age, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality and social class, as impacting on identity, practices and achievement, conceptualised in a broad sense.

Members utilise diverse methods, from quantitative surveying of international educational and mobility data, and exploring hate crime and harm in relation to LGBT anti-bullying initiatives, to exhibition and performance events with participants, including with queer religious youth, young migrants, and qualitative interviews with, for example, lesbian and gay parents, and communities experiencing poverty, change and regional regeneration.

There is a focus on time, place and space in thinking through the local-national and international mapping of e.g. communities in flux, international policy aspirations in relation to educational equality and achievement, educational and societal exclusion and employment inequalities.

Members in this group hosted the Feminism and Women’s Studies Association Conference, the Educational Futures and Fractures Conference, and the Sociology of Religion Conference, and link to the Trans Edu project in developing attentiveness towards transgender inclusiveness in Higher Educational Institutes.

Staff working in this area: