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This research group addresses a range of issues relating to the learning and teaching of additional languages, whether these be modern languages, such as French, Spanish or Mandarin, other languages in use in Scotland, such as Gaelic, Punjabi, Polish and Somali, or English for those who have recently arrived here. Research focuses include language policy, language classroom pedagogies, the use of techologies in language learning, young language learners, bilingual education and professional development for languages teachers. It reflects the view that pluriligualism is an asset both for individuals and for a society where plurilinguals are encouraged to use their full linguistic repertoire for diverse social, cultural and economic purposes. It explores the implications of this from the perspectives of both learners and teachers.

We are fortunate to have the Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching (SCILT) and the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools (CISS) based within the School of Education and thus to be able to make links between our research and their very extensive expertise, respectively, in providing professional development for languages teachers in Scotland and in supporting and promoting the teaching of Mandarin in Scottish schools.

Staff working in this area: