Education Professional learning, identity and enquiry

This research group is focused on educators and their practice. We are interested in better understanding different aspects and approaches to the education of practitioners across career trajectories, including how professional development experience and innovation can support identity and professionalism.

We explore these aspects using a variety of research methodologies, with lenses that take account of the variety of contexts across which educators work, for example, their role in the classroom, in policy making and implementation, and across cultures. Staff participating in this group span all areas of the School of Education, specific interests include:

  • Teacher and teacher educators’ identity
  • Professional learning through practitioner enquiry
  • Professional learning in and through networks
  • Teachers and teacher educators in the policy making process
  • Career long learning in the education profession
  • Internationalisation in teacher education
  • Teachers as agents of social change
  • The role of specialist teacher learning (for example, sector or subject)

Staff working in this area: