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Education Rights, citizenship & dialogue

Members of the group have expertise in various aspects of children and young people’s rights, including:

  • accessing rights
  • human rights education
  • gender rights
  • rights relating to religion
  • the rights of those with Additional Support Needs such as autism or who may struggle to access their rights

A key focus for several members of the research group relates to aspects of children and young people’s participation and voice. Voice and participation also closely articulate with issues of children and young people’s citizenship, though this is only one facet of the research undertaken in this area. Dialogue is another dimension to this group’s work.

Research interests include the promotion and analysis of dialogue through Philosophy with Children or other approaches that facilitate thinking and voice. Members also consider the dialogue they have with ideas to be an essential feature of their work. The Rights, citizenship & dialogue research group hosts the biennial Contemporary Childhood Conference.

The following staff work in this area:

  • Dr Lorna Arnott
  • Dr Claire Cassidy (Convenor
  • Sharon Jessop
  • Dr Karsten Kenklies
  • Dr David Lewin
  • Dr Helen Marwick
  • Dr Joan Mowat
  • Dr Anna Robinson
  • Professor Yvette Taylor
  • Dr Virginie Thériault
  • Dr Lauren Smith
  • Professor Kate Wall