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MarketingBusiness innovation & networks

Researchers in this area contribute to knowledge across a wide landscape which overlaps all research areas within the Department of Marketing.

Our current research explores frameworks to support implementation of open innovation and innovation processes, strategic alignment, the entrepreneurial mindset and aspects related to social embeddedness within networks, relationships and clusters.

Our research and knowledge exchange activities involve micro-enterprises, SMEs as well as large national and multi-national organisations in heavy manufacturing, oil and Gas, food and drink, the creative industries, public services, technology and software markets and social sectors.

We adopt a variety of research methodologies including quantitative surveys, qualitative individual and group interviewing techniques, observation studies and action research.

Through our research, we engage with a large number of organisations and our reputation extends nationally and internationally through partnerships with academics around the world.

"Mastering Open Innovation: The Guiding Principles” is the outcome of a four year open innovation pilot programme. The purpose of this guide is to aid the business community to select appropriate activities to successfully manage Open Innovation adoption. Case studies detail factors that influence Open Innovation and demonstrate the bespoke nature of Open Innovation implementation within companies.  For further information contact beverly.wagner@strath.ac.uk.

Open Innovation brochure

Key themes

These include:

  • innovation management
  • new product development
  • open innovation
  • innovation in the public sector
  • servitisation
  • design thinking
  • various topics related to supply chain management, strategic alliances & networks and relationships
  • sustainability & green marketing
  • small business marketing
  • alternative & non-mainstream markets
  • customer & supplier value & value co-creation

Recent publications

Fain, N. and Wagner, B. (2014). 'R&D-marketing integration in innovation – does culture matter?' European Business Review. Vol. 26 No. 2, pp.169-187

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Hynes, N. and Wilson, J., (2016), "I do it, but don't tell anyone!: How can social media play a role in changing pro-environmental behaviours by influencing personal values, norms and social norms?" Technological Forecasting & Social Change

Svensson, G. and Wagner, B. (2015), "Implementing and Managing Economic, Social and Environmental Efforts of Business Sustainability: Propositions for Measurement and Structural Models", Management of Environmental Quality, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 195-213. (203)

Doherty, A.M. and Alexander, N. (2015) ‘Liberty in Paris: International Retailing, 1889-1932’, Business History, Vol.57 No.4, pp.485-511

Doherty, A.M., Chen, X. and Alexander, N. (2014) 'Exploring the Franchise Relationship in China: Agency and Institutional Theory Perspectives', European Journal of Marketing, Vol.48 No.9/10, pp.1664 to 1689

Doherty, A.M. (2014) '2013 Academy of Marketing annual conference special issue: Marketing Relevance', Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.30 No.9 to 10, pp.829 to 831

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Editorial roles

Dr Nusa Fain is a reviewer for Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Engineering Design, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Creativity and Innovation Management Journal and European Business Review.

Dr Beverly Wagner is Editor-in chief of Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (since 2001). She is also an Editorial board member of International Journal of Modelling in Operations Management and European Business review and reviewer for many journals including, Journal of Cleaner Production, International Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Marketing Management, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management.

Dr Juliette Wilson is an Editorial board member of Industrial Marketing Management and Marketing Intelligence and Planning and a reviewer for European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Research and International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.