Business innovation & networks: our PhD students

Current topics include:

  • open innovation strategy, climate & culture
  • transformative service research
  • social enterprises
  • farm diversification strategies
  • open innovation implementation
  • public sector innovation
  • servitisation
  • innovation across functional boundaries
  • sustainability in supply chains
  • business models for sustainability
  • entrepreneurial marketing
  • marketing & other business disciplines

PhD Completions

Metreveli A: Value Co-creation in third party logistics outsourcing relationships

McKinven S: Exploring Open Innovation in a slow clockspeed

Moehring M: A Critical Analysis of Complex Events in Two Global Capital Intensive, Science & Technology Based Industries in Respect to the Marketability of Dynamic Process Modelling Enterprise Software Applications

Duffy, K: The construction of community through consumer resistance in the Glasgow craft & vintage community

Reid, E: Investigation into the Dynamics of B2B Marketing in Audience Development