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Our research explores frameworks for customer-focused management and strategies for increasing customer satisfaction, engagement and retention through service and customer/visitor experiences.

We contribute to scientific knowledge on value creation through services marketing, online and offline service delivery and customer experience.

Our research covers a broad range of service sectors, including tourism, transportation, hospitality, public services, health, energy and financial/professional services. In addition, many manufacturing companies are differentiating their offerings and creating value through their service support, so we also get involved in research within that area.

Research methodologies include:

  • quantitative surveys
  • qualitative individual & group interviewing techniques
  • observation studies
  • document analysis
  • ethnography
  • netnography

We work with a range of organisations operating in the services and tourism sectors as well as with academics worldwide. In addition to our output in journal articles and books, our research and PhD team also regularly present at many international conferences on services and tourism.

Our key themes

These include:

  • service delivery
  • service branding
  • service quality & customer satisfaction
  • service dominant logic
  • value co-creation
  • customer engagement
  • customer experience management
  • customer experience with technology

We also have expertise within the tourism sector where projects cover ancestral tourism, community based tourism, marketing of hospitality, social media/review sites.

Recent publications

McLean, G., & Wilson, A. (2019). Shopping in the digital world: examining customer engagement through augmented reality mobile applications. Computers in Human Behavior, 101, 210-224.

Yani-de-Soriano, M., Hanel, P., Vazquez Carrasco, R., Cambra-Fierro, J., Wilson, A., & Centeno, E. (2019). Investigating the role of customers' perceptions of employee effort and justice in service recovery: a cross-cultural perspective. European Journal of Marketing, 53(4), 708-732.

Shirahada, K., Ho, B. Q., & Wilson, A. (2019). Online public services usage and the elderly: assessing determinants of technology readiness in Japan and the UK. Technology in Society.

Azer, J., & Alexander, M. (2018). Conceptualizing negatively-valenced influencing behavior: forms and triggers. Journal of Service Management.

Murdy, S., Alexander, M., & Bryce, D. (2018). What pulls ancestral tourists 'home'? An analysis of ancestral tourist motivations. Tourism Management, 64(February), 13-19.

Alexander, M. J., Jaakkola, E., & Hollebeek, L. D. (2018). Zooming out: actor engagement beyond the dyadic. Journal of Service Management.

McLean, G., Al-Nabhani, K., & Wilson, A. (2018). Developing a mobile application customer experience model (MACE) - implications for retailers. Journal of Business Research, 85, 325-336.

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Editorial roles

Members of the group are on the editorial boards of the following internationally recognised Marketing journals:

  • Journal of Service Research
  • Journal of Business Research
  • International Journal of Market Research
  • Journal of Brand Management
  • Journal of Business & Social Development