Services marketing: our PhD students

Current topics include:

  • employee service orientation
  • role of service employers & on-brand corporate culture
  • the grey market & the service encounter
  • credibility of online customer reviews
  • service delivery & the internet of things
  • reputation & electronic word of mouth
  • consumer engagement & social media
  • service delivery & mobile apps
  • service innovation
  • ancestral tourism
  • customer engagement
  • dark service experiences
  • transformative service encounters

PhD Completions

Brodbeck, H: A New Model of Living the Brand: The Emergence and Impact of Brand Value Aligned Behaviour in Social Banks

Caemmerer, B: The Management of Customer Feedback in the Development of Service Orientation in the Public Sector

Frimpong, K: Relative Contribution of Satisfaction Dimensions to Employee Service Orientation

Gotsi, D: Corporate Brand Reputation Management: An Intraorganisational Study on the Role of Service Employees and On-brand Corporate Culture

Grougiou, V: The Grey Market and the Service Encounter: An Investigation of Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers and Complaining Behaviour

McLean, G: Examining the Online Customer Experience during a Utilitarian Search for Online Business Advisory Information and Services

Osei-Frimpong K: An Examination of Value Co-creation at the Micro Level in a Healthcare Setting: a Dyadic Approach

Punjaisri, K: Brand Promise Delivery from the Customer Interface Employees' Perspective