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Our current research

The research conducted in this group relates directly to the University’s strategic research themes in Health & Wellbeing and Society & Policy. We are using statistics and modelling to address such important topics as the coronavirus epidemic and climate change impact on marine systems.

Theme: Health Statistics

Activity in Health Statistics contributes to minimising the impact of infectious diseases and emerging zoonotic diseases, through vaccination strategies, understanding the transmission and intervention strategies for plant health, and modelling the risks to society from infections from animals entering the food chain. One distinctive aspect of this work comes from strong and long-standing strategic links with external public health agencies such as Health Protection Scotland (HPS), NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

Theme: Mathematical Ecology

The University’s Ecosystems Stewardship sub-theme has the marine world as its focus, with researchers in Mathematical Ecology and Centre for Environmental Law and Governance providing the main input.

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Research projects

  • Implementing spatial models for air pollution in central Scotland to investigate the link between atmospheric sulphur dioxide and health problems
  • Modelling the epidemiology of measles, mumps and rubella to assess the spatial risk of the disease an potential effects of low MMR-vaccination uptake, providing key advice to the Chief Medical Officer in Scotland
  • Designing and setting up the national surveillance system for HPV infection to assess the impact of the HPV vaccine and using it to run epidemiological studies

Our researchers