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Modern Languages Literature, culture & place

The Literature, Culture and Place research group shares overlapping interests with the Canadian and Scottish Studies groups, but also focuses on particular types of place and space (for example, the modern city, the desert) in a range of global and local contexts throughout Britain, Europe and the Americas.

Members' publications include works on:

  • post-colonial travel writing
  • regional literary networks & Italian women’s domestic fiction
  • engaging with theoretical approaches from cultural studies
  • cultural geography
  • eco-criticism

We've worked with colleagues from the Department of Architecture and Strathclyde Business School and various private and public sector organisations.

Our research team

Our researchers include:

External members include:

  • Dr Rune Graulund
  • Dr Anouk Lang
  • Dr Angela Bartie

Working in partnership

Kerri Andrews is collaborating on the Hannah More Letters Project with Dahlia Porter (Texas), Bridget Keegan (Creighton), Anne Milne (University of Toronto), Nicholas D Smith (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) and Anne Stott (Independent scholar).

Eleanor Bell has collaborated with Angela Bartie and Edinburgh International Book Festival on The Writers' Conference Revisited Project: 1962-2012.

Rune Graulund is working with the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research/University of Copenhagen on Changing Disasters - UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research.

Faye Hammill and the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory are working on the Magazines, Travel and Middlebrow Culture in Canada project, University of Alberta, Canada.

Faye Hammill and Paul Hjartarson, University of Alberta are co-supervising Hannah McGregor's postdoctoral project, 'Vast and Unwieldy Archives': 'Middlebrow Magazines and Digital Remediation at Alberta', co-organising a DH /periodical studies workshop in Edmonton on 'Magazines and/as Media'.

Sarah Edwards and Faye Hammill worked with colleagues from Strathclyde's Department of Marketing on an ESRC Seminar Series, Nostalgia in the 21st Century, 2010-11.

Sarah Edwards worked with Jonathan Charley (Department of Architecture) on the international, British Academy-funded conference Architexture: Textual and Architectural Spaces, in 2008. They've received Strathclyde Bridging the Gap funding to develop a new project, City of Facades.