Student using crystallisation technology

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences Better medicines

This group engages in high quality, basic and applied research relating to the development and manufacture of drug substances and products.

Our research builds on expertise in physical and material science, pharmaceutical technology, and formulation and advanced processing to translate new and existing chemical entities into safe, effective and high quality medicines.

The Better Medicine programme combines investigator led and demand led programmes that will deliver:

  • understanding of structure, function and stability of pharmaceutical materials for improved performance including analysis and modelling of structure property relations in pharmaceutical systems
  • better science and technology for particulates, formulations and product development
  • advanced manufacturing capabilities for small molecules and biopharmaceutical products
  • understanding of the interaction between material properties and process parameters and quality
  • drug delivery systems for the controlled delivery and targeting of therapeutic agents
  • solutions for the industrial biotechnology community, particular for biopharmacy products and platform chemicals
  • understanding of the physiological process of appropriate systems
  • translation of research into products

Our experts


Research staff

  • Michelle Armstrong
  • Naomi Briggs
  • Cameron Brown
  • Lisa Burns
  • Lindsay Dick
  • Patricia Docherty
  • Claire Dunn
  • Moira Elliott
  • Steve Ford
  • Jude Huggan
  • Michaela Kreiner
  • Lynsey MacIntyre
  • Thomas McGlone
  • Karen McInnes
  • Nazer Rajoub
  • Murray Robertson
  • Sukrut Somani
  • Christina Viegelmann
  • Huaiyu Yang