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Physical activity for health Globalisation & non-communicable diseases

Our research aims to describe the scale of the problem of low physical activity and high sedentary behaviour within a worldwide context including low-middle income countries, and to develop and evaluate solutions.

All our research staff focus towards having an international outlook within research activity.

Recent projects & activity

Professor John Reilly is a current member of World Health Organisation (WHO) Working Groups on:

  1. Science & Evidence for Ending Childhood Obesity
  2. Identifying child health research priorities for the prevention of obesity and NCDs in adolescence and adulthood
  • Professor John Reilly is a current collaborator on IAEA funded obesity prevention projects globally, currently in Tanzania, Mauritius, Morocco, and Bahrain
  • We welcomed several visiting scholars during 2013-2014 including Dr Wendy Huang (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dr Chiaki Tanaka (JF Oberlin University, Tokyo), DR Suhaina Sulaiman and Dr Razina Sharif (UKM Malaysia)
  • has recently been inducted as an international Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology
  • Dr Alison Kirk has invited symposium presentation and research collaboration with the Oman Diabetes Association
  • Dr Ann-Marie Knowles, Dr David Rowe, Professor John Reilly & Dr Adrienne Hughes are currently collaborating with the Qatar Active Schools programme to advise on developing a national healthy behaviours report card for all children in Qatar

Research papers

  • EM Craig, JJ Reilly, RM Bland. Risk factors for overweight and overfatness in rural South African children and adolescents., J Publ Health, In press.
  • Use of mid-upper arm circumference for determining overweight and overfatness in South African children and adolescents. EM Craig, J Ndirangu, RM Bland, JJ Reilly. Arch Dis Child 2014; 99: 763-766.
  • Physical activity of children: a global matrix of grades comparing 15 countries. MS Tremblay, CE Gray, K Akinroye, D Harrington, P Katzmaryk, EV Lambert, J Liukkonen, R Maddison, RT Ocansey, VO Onywera , A Prista, JJ Reilly, M Martinez, O Dumenias, G Tomkinson.J Phys Act & Health 2014; 11 (suppl 1) s113-s125. Read more about this research.
  • Results from the Scottish Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth. JJ Reilly, S Dick, G McNeill, MS Tremblay. J Phys Act & Health 2014; 11 (suppl 1), s93-s97.
  • Abubakari A, Jones MC, Lauder W, Kirk A, Agyemang CO. Prevalence and time trends in diabetes and physical inactivity among adult West African populations: the epidemic has arrived. Public Health 2009; 123: 602-614
  • Abubakari AR, Lauder W, Agyemang C, Jones M, Kirk A, Bhopal RS. Prevalence and time trends in obesity among adult West African populations: A meta-analysis. Obesity Reviews 2008; 9:297-311

Recent research grants

  • Early origins of obesity and cardiometabolic disease: systematic reviews. World Health Organisation. (2014; £19,250). JJ Reilly (PI)
  • Increasing physical activity among young children from disadvantaged communities: a group randomised controlled effectiveness trial. National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia Grant APP1062433 (2014-2017; AUD 1,064,324). Reilly (co applicant)
  • Development and launch of the Active Healthy Kids Scotland Report Card. (2013; £19,000). JJ Reilly (PI)