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PsychologyDevelopment & educational psychology

Our goals are to conduct research designed to test, develop and apply core developmental theories and models, while maintaining the University focus on ‘useful learning’.

Reflecting these goals, we are involved in research relating to:

  • child and family wellbeing
  • language and social competency
  • language impairment
  • developmental disability
  • children’s safety
  • anti and pro-social behaviours
  • new media and learning
  • pre-school education
  • developmental aspects of thinking, memory and reasoning

To help us carry out research we use cutting-edge technology such as:

  • eye tracking
  • virtual environments
  • simulators

Our researchers

Our staff offer a wealth of expertise in development and educational psychology.

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Areas of interest

Here are just some of the areas of interest our researchers specialise in:

  • language development and language delay
  • early intervention
  • child safety
  • social and communicative development
  • media use by young people
  • development of stereotypes
  • developmental disability
  • problem behaviour in adolescence
  • children and adolescents coping with stress
  • bullying and peer-aggression
  • religious and ethnic/national identity development
  • children's engagement of episodic retrieval processes
  • working memory development in children
  • working memory functioning and associated executive functions in children with ADHD, depression, and Williams syndrome
  • visual control of movement in space
  • deficits of visuo-motor function and spatial behaviour
  • perceptuo-motor factors in children's accidents
  • emotional learning in driving
  • parenting
  • teacher beliefs
  • dialogue and interaction
  • peer interaction and learning
  • the effect of social factors on thinking