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Speech & language therapy Children's speech, language & communication disorders

We work alongside paediatricians within the NHS (Greater Glasgow, Lothian and Lanarkshire) and have strong collaborative links with education professionals.

Our researchers

Current research

Projects that we're currently working on include:

  • The ULTRAX project, developing ultrasound technology into a tool for treating children’s speech sound disorders. (Joanne Cleland with Steve Renals and Korin Richmond (University of Edinburgh) and James Scobbie and Alan Wrench (Queen Margaret University)). See for more details.
  • Prosody in children with Williams syndrome and in children with Down's syndrome (Joanne Cleland, with Vesna Stonjanovik and Jane Setter at Reading University).
  • Speech outcomes in children with repaired cleft palate (Wendy Cohen, Anja Lowit  and Lisa Crampin, Glasgow Dental School)
  • Perspectives of parents/guardians of children with 22q112 deletion syndrome on their child’s learning and development and access to support services (Wendy Cohen, Elspeth McCartney and Lisa Crampin)
  • Educational outcomes of children with 22 QL deletion syndrome (Wendy Cohen and Elspeth McCartney)
  • Parent perceptions of Down Syndrome Scotland (DSS) communication groups (Wendy Cohen and Carolyn Anderson)
  • Prosody in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Joanne Macleod and Anja Lowit)
  • Developing workshop materials summarising evidence-based classroom approaches to support student teachers in responding effectively to issues of diversity and inclusion (Elspeth McCartney and Helen Marwick, National Centre for Autism Studies)
  • A randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of direct vs indirect and individual versus group modes of speech and language therapy for children with primary language impairment (Elspeth McCartney with Jim Boyle, University of Strathclyde; Anne O’Hare and John Forbes, University of Edinburgh; Pauline Beirne (Yorkhill Community NHS Trust)