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Speech & language therapy Communication disorders associated with stroke

Our research is concerned with the analysis of the effects of stroke and their management. Stroke related communication problems take varied forms including:

  • dysarthria
  • aphasia
  • cognitive-communication disorder where subtle aspects of communication, such as conversational skills, are impaired

Our researchers

Current research projects

  • Devising and testing  intervention programmes  for dysarthria resulting from stroke (Kate Mackenzie, Margaret Muir, Carolyn Allen, Shona Kelly and Amy Jensen, with Gillian Paton, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Marian Brady, NMAHP Research Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Perceptual characteristics and speech intelligibility in dysarthria resulting from stroke (Margaret Muir and Kate Mackenzie)
  • The effects on family members of dysarthria resulting from stroke (Shona Kelly and Kate Mackenzie)
  • Participant views on and adherence to an intervention programme for dysarthria resulting from stroke (Amy Jensen and Kate Mackenzie)