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Speech & language therapy Paediatric & adult voice disorders & laryngectomy

Our voice specialists work in close collaboration with colleagues in local ENT and SLT departments, making our research focused and relevant for day-to-day management of clients with voice and laryngeal pathologies.

Our researchers

  • Dr Wendy Cohen
  • Dr Anja Lowit
  • Visiting Professors Paul Carding (Catholic University of Australia) and Ken Mackenzie (NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde)

Current research

Our projects include:

  • Voice outcomes in a paediatric voice clinic (Wendy Cohen with  David Wynne, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow)
  • Voice outcomes following airway reconstruction in children (Wendy Cohen with David Wynne)
  • An evaluation of a new service delivery model for the joint voice clinic (Anja Lowit with Ken Mackenzie, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde)
  • An evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of voice prostheses in laryngectomy patients (Anja Lowit with Catherine Dunnet & Ken Mackenzie, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde