Speech and language therapy student

Speech & language therapy Speech motor problems in children & adults

This research area focuses on improving people’s lives by investigating the underlying causes of their motor speech disorder. We examine and describe the speech problems and their relationship to speech intelligibility to develop new diagnostic and treatment methods.

Our researchers

Current research projects

  • Speech prosody in children with developmental dysarthria due to cerebral palsy (Anja Kuschmann)
  • Articulation of lingual fricatives in children with Down’s syndrome (Claire Timmins)
  • An EEG investigation into the relationship between expressive and receptive prosody in people with Parkinson’s disease (Anja Lowit with Heba Lakany & Alex Balfour,  Bioengineering, Strathclyde University)
  • The relationship between language impairment and cognitive deficit in speakers with Parkinson’s disease (Anja Lowit with Rebecca Wagstaff´╗┐)
  • Variability measures as diagnostic tools and outcome measures for motor speech disorders (Anja Lowit & Frits van Brenk)
  • An evaluation of treatment outcome measures in an acute hospital service setting (Anja Lowit with Catherine Dunnet & Jan Stanier, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde)
  • An investigation into what adults who stammer want from therapy services in the UK (Carolyn Allen)