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Work employment & organisation Regulation & restructuring of employment relations

Changing managerial regimes has been a long-term focus of our research, with a particular emphasis on issues such as employee participation and voice, and union bargaining strategies.

Call centres and the voluntary sector have been at the centre of a number of ongoing projects.

Lately, greater emphasis has been placed on the management of performance and its effects on employee well-being. A lot of industry restructuring now takes place at global level. This is an increasing focus of our projects, particularly through Changing Employment in Europe and the projects associated with the Marie Curie Training Network.

Current research

Current research projects include the following themes:

  • Global value and commodity chains, including business process offshoring and creative industries
  • Patterns of labour migration
  • Performance management
  • Lean working
  • New managerial regimes in social care
  • Work reorganisation control & wellbeing
  • Union strategies and organising, industrial relations disputes