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Pegasus PGI on-line application system

As you will be aware, the University of Strathclyde has moved to a new on-line postgraduate application system – Pegasus PGI.  As an Agent of the University we expect that you will now be using this system and you will have been issued a code and password unique to your Agency.   If you have branch offices within your Agency each branch office will have an Agency code and password assigned to them.  If your branch offices do not yet have their unique log-in, please let us know and we will organise this. 

It is hoped that Pegasus PGI will facilitate a much quicker turn-around of applications as well as giving agents better access to management information regarding their own applications.

Frequently asked questions - FAQs

How do I obtain an Agency code and password if I do not have one already?
Please contact the member of the team in the International and Graduate Office who looks after your Agency, alternatively email   Please note that agency codes are unique to offices and branch offices should have their own log-in codes.

What if my Agency address details have to be changed?
Please contact the member of staff in the International and Graduate Office responsible for your Agency.  Alternatively you can email

Will I still be able to submit scanned applications by email?
If we receive an application by email we will ask to re-submit using the on-line system, therefore in the first instance please submit the application on-line.

Do I have to complete all sections of the on-line application?
You should attempt to complete all sections of the application.  Some sections may not be relevant, for example details on work experience etc.  If the section is not relevant please put 0 or N/A in the box and proceed.  Boxes cannot be left completely blank otherwise the system will not allow you to proceed.

What happens if my name is very long and doesn't fit in the text boxes on the form?
If you have a very long name you should split the name over all 3 boxes and use the middle name field to break up your surname (family name).  We need to have your full name on file.

Will the application process be quicker using the on-line system?
Once an application is made on-line it will be available for the course selector to view almost instantly.  They will make the decision via the new system and offer letters in pdf format will be made available on-line for you to download.  The entire process will be more streamlined and it is envisaged that the turn around time will be much quicker time than before.

Will I be able to track the application on-line?
Yes, as soon as the application has been completed on-line you will be able to track and monitor its progress through the system.  With your agency code you will be able to view the status of all the applications sent via your agency in one place. You should also make a note to check your message inbox regularly on PGI online as all communication to you regarding applications will be posted here.

How will I know if the application requires additional documentation?
When you check the progress of an application you will see at a glance any documentation which is outstanding.  You should then arrange to upload these documents to complete the application. You will also have a message inbox, where you check messages to see if any further information is required
What if the student applies on his/her own?
If the student applies without using your Agency code and password then the application will be assigned to the student.  If you wish to change this you should ask the applicant to cancel his/her application and make a fresh application with your agency code.  This will make the application process longer for the student therefore in the first instance please ensure that the application is made via yourselves using your Agency password and code.  However, if the application is at the stage where an offer has been made to the student then the application should not be cancelled and an Agency authorisation letter should be sent to the IGO advising the applicant has transferred to your agency.   

Will the offer letter be sent by courier to the Agency?
No, a pdf version of the offer letter will be available for collection via the on-line system.

Can we make a claim on a student who has applied via another Agency?
Under the new system this will be an almost impossible process.  We would urge you to ensure that the student is not tied to another other Agent prior to you representing them.

What details do the International and Graduate Office require when we have submitted an on-line application?
Once an application has been submitted please ensure that the following details are sent to your agency contact at IGO:

Name of applicant
Date of Birth  
Personal student email 
Course Applied for

We require this for our local logging procedures in relation to student statistics and payment of commission.  The payment of commission process will be quicker and easier if we have a clear summary of your applications.

We look forward to our continued relationship with your Agency and supporting you during this time of change.  If you have any questions in the first instance please do not hesitate to contact us.