Natural Products Library

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The Strathclyde Natural Product Library provides easy access to a worldwide natural product network providing assay ready plant extracts.

Natural products have a proven track record in drug discovery with lead compounds being identified against a wide range of drug targets including cancer cells, inflammation, protozoal parasites, pathogenic bacteria and specific target enzymes of therapeutic interest.


The library comprises over 5,000 plant species representing 90% of plant families. It is one of the most biodiverse, hence chemically diverse collections available for screening. The collection is plated in 96 well microplates with 80 different samples per microplate. There are facilities for the fractionation of hit extracts, isolation of active compounds, and determination of structures. There is also access to a unique proprietary plant species specific activity profile database which facilitates the selection of “lead” extracts. The library can be screened by the HT Screening Laboratory at Strathclyde or sent to the client directly for use in their own assays.

Key Benefits

• Access to one of the most biodiverse hence chemically diverse screening collections in the world
• 90% of plant families represented
• All compatible with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity
• Over 5,000 assay ready extracts in 96 well microplate format
• Facilities for compound isolation and structure elucidation
• Access to the proprietary plant species specific activity profile database
• Plant derived compounds benefit from:
- Diversity of chemical structure
- Chirality of compound structure
- “Drug” like properties

Markets and Applications

Applicable to drug discovery screening in all therapeutic areas.


The library is available to pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies and academic researchers on a contract or collaborative basis.