Proactive And Predictive Monitoring

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Researchers at the University of Strathclyde are developing a software toolkit to make all available data, including analysis and interpretation data, easily accessible through a single intuitive and personally configurable user interface. 


The system will exploit intelligent-agent-technology to provide an open architecture through which each disparate data and information source may be accessed. Each user’s individual interface will discover information relevant to their interests and will proactively keep them up-to-date when new monitoring systems, data or information become available. This innovation will help extract true value from underlying investment in data-capture technology. It fully supports companies in the management of multiple monitoring and SCADA systems, the early identification of incipient defects, condition-based operation and maintenance of equipment and life extension of high value assets. It tailors monitoring to the exact needs of a client and can be extended when required to accommodate future sources of information and additional users.


Key Benefits

Improved decision making – all condition monitoring packages and disparate sources of information may be examined and compared within a single system.
Earlier fault identification and optimal equipment operation – ability to determine equipment health is improved through focused and personalised monitoring automatically alerting relevant info.
Future proof – open architecture allows integration of both legacy and subsequently developed monitoring systems.

Markets and Applications

  • Power Transmission
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas


Licensing and Development

A patent application has been filed by the University of Strathclyde and contact is welcome from organisations interested in trialling, partnering or investing in this technology. Please contact








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