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Thursday 4th May 2017

The next Strathclyde 100 event will be held on Thursday 4th May, 2017 as part of Engage with Strathclyde Week

Venue: Technology & Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD
Registration from 5.30pm
Business presentations from 6.00pm
Showcase Exhibition & Buffet networking from 7.20pm

Presenter 1:
Rupert Taylor & Joseph Cameron, Research Associates, Pure & Applied Chemistry
Conductive Organics

Conductive Organics, is a prospective University of Strathclyde spin out company, working to produce the next generation of conductive organic materials for use in emerging technologies such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED's).  Apple will use OLED displays in the iPhone 8 while BMW, Audi and Mercedes are using OLED mood lighting in all high-end models.  In addition to OLED's, conductive organic materials find applications in solar cells, lighting, biomedical equipment and fashion.  Our patented material BePex offers a number of advantages over the current market leader as a specific component of an OLED and is currently being independently evaluated by industry leaders in the OLED market.
1) We are seeking investment in our prospective spin out.

Presenter 2:
Jack Barrie, Strathclyde PhD student, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hakysak is an online peer-to-peer marketplace that connects local people to other trusted members of the community in which thy can rent items from each other such as outdoor equipment (tents/kayaks/climbing equipment), tools (drills/electric saws), electronics (cameras/projectors/video games), musical instruments, crafts and anything else that they own.
1) Board member(s):
       a) Particularly with knowledge and experience in:
             i) Technology platform development
             ii) Peer-to-Peer Marketing
2) Access to a marketing intern to develop the marketing strategy and pilot campaign.

Presenter 3:
Ken Brooksbank, MSc. Environmental Entrepreneurship graduate, Civil & Environmental Engineering & Simone Mattson, BA. Civil Engineering - (Heriot Watt University)
Energy bills are sky-rocketing and facilities managers across the UK are looking for any ways to reduce the toll this has on their business.  By pairing state of the art drone technology with thermal imaging devices and expertise, Thermodrone can pave the way for building and facilities managers everywhere to make more informed decisions regarding their structure's energy efficiency.  Thermodrone will eliminate the time-consuming and expensive nature of conventional thermal inspections.
1) Warm sales-lead introductions or referrals to first five potential customers.