Safety, Health & Wellbeing About us

Director of Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Charlotte Cannon

Director of Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Contact: Kelly Claffey

Occupational Safety

Paul Graham

Health and Safety Manager

Sarah Carroll

Specialist Safety Manager / University Biological Safety Adviser

Kevin Donovan

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Manager

Richard Wright

University Radiation Protection Officer

Katrina Rae

University Chemical Safety Adviser

Michael Moran

Health, Safety and Training Adviser

Position Vacant

Fire Safety Adviser.

Please direct any fire safety enquiries to Paul Graham and Michael Moran

Kelly Claffey

Administration Manager

Danielle Jarvie

Departmental Secretary

Greig Dick

Health and Safety Assistant

Occupational Health and Workplace Wellbeing

David Errington

Occupational Health Manager

Sarah Hunter

Occupational Health Nurse

Lyndsey Trainor

Occupational Health Nurse

Kelly Claffey

Departmental Support

Risk and Resilience  

Pamela Loughlin

Risk and Resilience Manager

Contact: Josephine Hamilton

Sureshkumar Sekar

Business Continuity Planner

Josephine Hamilton

Risk and Resilience administrator