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Return to campus: process & requirements

When Covid 19 resulted in nationwide lockdown the University introduced a strict process to manage the return to campus of staff and third parties, as well as activities connected to travel within the UK and overseas. This process was proportionate to the risk and in accordance with relevant regulations at the time, with the process being amended as restrictions eased.

With the introduction of the Scottish Government’s latest Strategic Framework, and the aim of managing the virus rather than suppressing it, the time is right for a wholesale review of the return to campus process. On campus presence has steadily increased and continues to do so, therefore it makes sense to integrate the return with business-as-usual processes for managing health and safety by using existing processes and documents, amended as necessary to include Covid related aspects where appropriate.

The process for staff, students and third parties returning to campus are contained in the Return to Campus Process document. This explains what actions are required for certain types of activities.

Documents to support the process can be found below: