First Aid

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Instructions for all staff, students and visitors:

For NON-URGENT situations

For example:

  • Minor Injuries and illnesses
  • Bumps, bruises, scrapes and small cuts

In Office Hours:

  • Call a departmental first aider
  • Call security on (0141 548) 2222 if a departmental first aider is unable to attend the incident
  • The First Aider should assess the situation promptly and either:
    • Administer First Aid within their training capacity
    • Call for First Aid assistance from Security if required

Out of office hours:

  • Call security on (0141 548) 2222
For URGENT situations

For example:

  • Where the person is in cardiac arrest
  • Is experiencing a medical emergency (i.e. Stroke, Diabetes related incident, Epileptic incident or Asthma attack)
  • Has significant trauma (i.e. Spinal Injury, Amputation, Significant Head Injury)
  • Has completely stopped functioning
  • Is at imminent risk of harm to themselves or others, and their judgement is impaired
  • Is violent, or is threatening violence
  • Is disorientated and out of touch with reality
  • Expresses suicidal thoughts

In Office Hours:

  • Call Security on (0141 548) 2222 and request assistance and an ambulance
  • Call a Departmental First Aider or Mental Health First Aider (Details available locally)
  • The First Aider should assess the situation promptly, take charge and administer First Aid within their training capacity until assistance arrives.
  • In the event of a cardiac arrest, locate the nearest AED, preferentially discharged by a trained first aider, otherwise you should follow voice prompts

Out of Office Hours:

  • Call Security on (0141 548) 2222
In all situations

When calling Security on (0141 548) 2222, you will be requested to provide:

  • Own name and department
  • Exact location, including the building, floow and room number
  • The nature of the incident

Always ensure that you:

  • Where possible, have support and do not leave the ill / injured person alone
  • Stay Calm
  • Engage with the person
  • Put your own safety first and that of others at the scene
  • Report the incident as per the First Aid Standard

Additional Information

  • University First Aid Standard - Here