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The University views Risk Management as integral to the successful execution of its Strategy. In order to achieve the aims set out in our strategy, the University must pursue opportunities that involve some degree of risk.  Risks are not necessarily negative and can often create opportunities which can be hugely beneficial. 

The University operates in a complex environment with ever increasing competition, greater accountability and higher quality standards of service delivery which places more pressure on resources. The implementation of a robust and transparent Risk Management Framework becomes increasingly important in order for the University to adapt and meet these challenges in a structured way, so that it can continually align its priorities and objectives against a background of changing risk and uncertainty. 

The Risk Management Framework provides an infrastructure for delivering, maintaining and governing Risk Management throughout the University. It is a proactive approach to identification, assessment, mitigation and reporting. Since each Department/School, Directorate/Faculty and Executive Team own and manage their risks they will follow the risk management process and maintain a Risk Register on the SharePoint site, the central resource for recording risks.

A dedicated Risk Management Toolkit is available which provides guidance on how to embed risk management into everyday activities, an information leaflet for all staff, risk register templates and guidance on how to complete them.

Safety Services take the lead in co-ordinating the University’s Risk Management arrangements. You can contact Safety Services on 0141 548 2726.

Risk Management Toolkit:

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How Do I Manage Risk? 

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