Risk & Resilience Management

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Risk and Resilience Management

Risk and Resilience Management is a part of SHaW, and works with Faculties, Directorates, Schools and departments across the University to:

  • Identify and mitigate risks to the institution
  • Prepare for, and respond to, a variety of emergencies that may disrupt priority business, and
  • Develop plans that maintain continuity of business or support quick recovery from disastrous events that could impact on the effectiveness of the University's business.

Risk and Resilience Policy and Guidance Documents

The Risk Management Framework, its supporting toolkit, the latest copy of the Corporate Risk Register, the annual reporting schedule for the Risk Registers, the latest dashboard displaying the current risk profile and access to Faculty, Directorate and Departmental risk registers can be found on the Risk and Resilience SharePoint site.

Emergency Response and Business Continuity Management

The University's Emergency Response and Business Continuity Management Policy  is supported by specific strategic plans for known emergency situations. The plans are held on the Risk and Resilience Management SharePoint Site, where they can be accessed by those who have responsibilities for their implementation. Departments and Directorates are expected to develop and maintain departmental continuity Plans for their own areas of control. The Continuity Planning and Department Impact Analysis Toolkit  provides helpful guidance. Two templates have been developed to assist Departments and Directorates with the completion of their plans.

All staff and students should be familiar with the Security Guidance for Staff and Students which is provided to raise awareness of predictable security threats and information about how to minimise the associated risks whilst at the University.