David Elder Lectures 2016/17

The 2016/17 David Elder lecture series has been announced and tickets are available.

These talks from expert astronomers at the cutting edge of their fields of research continues the tradition of monthly astronomy lectures in Glasgow which began with the first David Elder Lecture in 1905, 111 years ago!

Running from September through March, the David Elder lectures are presented in partnership with and hosted by the Glasgow Science Centre.

Each lecture lasts for approximately 1 hour and costs only £5. They are best suited to older teenagers and adults. A limited number of multipasses are available and can be bought for £25 each. Multipasses entitle you to attend all seven lectures if you opt for 1830 time slots, or, six lectures if you opt for the 2000 time slots.

  • Gravitational Waves and LIGO, Prof. Joe Giaime, 29 Aug 2016, 1830
  • Is the Milky Way special?, Prof. Chris Lintott, 8 Sep 2016, 1830, 2000
  • The Search for Earth's Twin, Dr Stuart Clark, 6 Oct 2016, 1830, 2000
  • LISA Pathfinder and the Hunt for Ripples in Space, Dr Paul McNamara, 3 Nov 2016, 1830, 2000
  • Chasing a Comet, Dr Matt Taylor, 1 Dec 2016, 1830, 2000
  • Galaxy Zoo and the Discovery of Hanny's Voorwerp, Hanny van Arkel, 2 Feb 2017, 1830, 2000
  • Cosmic Fireworks – Finding Transient Events in the Universe, Prof. Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, 2 Mar 2017, 1830, 2000

August 2016