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At University level, the Principal, Vice-Principal and Associate Deputy Principals play a pivotal role in providing strategic direction and in the formal institutional decision-making processes. The Vice Principal has the primary responsibility at institutional level for the management of quality enhancement and assurance, supported by the Associate Deputy Principals for Education.

The Deans are members of the University Executive Team and report directly to Court on the management of quality at Faculty level and to Senate on Faculty academic business. At Faculty level, a key role is also played by the Vice-Deans Academic and the Faculty Managers. The Vice-Deans are members of the Education Strategy Committee and the Quality Monitoring Committee and attend Senate. They play a key role in bridging University and Faculty level activity and in disseminating information to and from University committees.

The Quality and Policy Team supports a range of activity relating to quality enhancement, including managing relevant University Committees, liaising with external agencies and providing advice and guidance to colleagues. The Team works with the Faculty Managers to encourage consistent approaches to quality enhancement.

Students have an important role in the quality enhancement and assurance processes. Student representatives raise and discuss issues at student-staff committees at departmental level; provide input through class and course evaluations; take part in Faculty, School and Departmental Reviews; and are members of all relevant University committees.

Further information on our senior management team

An overview of the University committee structure is available here

Further information is available for staff on the Education Portal. If you have any questions, please contact the Quality and Policy Team on educationenhancement@strath.ac.uk.