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Education Enhancement Staff

Catherine Milligan Deputy Director (Education Enhancement)
Scott Walker Deputy Head of Education Enhancement
Jill Kyle Education Quality and Policy Manager
Lesley Cram Project Manager (Learning and Teaching Facilities)
Aidan Johnston Learning Enhancement Adviser (MOOCs)
Ainsley Hainey Education & Learning Analyst
Sarah Currie Policy Officer
Caroline Breslin Learning Enhancement Manager
Howard Ramsay Learning Enhancement Manager
Alistair Campbell Learning Technology Support Analyst
Julie Stevenson Administrator
Sandie Beagrie Administrator
Alex Buckley Learning Enhancement Adviser
Jamie Spence Student Survey Officer
Tracey McCabe Student Survey Officer
Louise Lowe

Development Officer (Education Strategy)

 Craig McDonald

 Learning Systems Developer

 Ginny Stead

 Degree Apprenticeship Project Lead

 Michael Hughes

 Senior Applications Analyst/Developer

 Michael Aherne

 Senior Applications Analyst/Developer