Compensation Scheme and Progress

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In order to maintain academic standards and to ensure consistency of procedures and equitable treatment of students, the University operates a single defined compensation scheme for all Undergraduate and Integrated Master degree programmes.


Fail marks in the range of 30-39% may be eligible for compensation under the scheme and converted to a pass provided the weighted credit average across the students prescribed curriculum is 45% or higher. Up to 20 credits may be compensated in this way. 

The scheme can only be applied to the student’s first attempts.

Please be aware that if you are studying a non-integrated Masters, procedures may be different. 


The June meetings of the Board of Examiners will make the decision whether to award compensation. The decision ‘Pass’, ‘Resit’ or ‘Withdraw’ are available.

At the September meetings of General Board of Examiners, the decisions ‘Pass’ or ‘May Proceed’ are available for a student who has achieved sufficient credits to progress to the next year of study. 


For more information on the compensation scheme, please contact your department. 


Compensation Scheme and Progress

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