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We recognise that sometimes, students may experience significant financial barriers which could make it challenging to study and stay at university. To help with this, the University has various financial support available to students in need, and the Student Financial Support team can also provide tailored financial advice to help you manage your cash flow.

McNaughton Bursary
The McNaughton Bursary offers awards of up to £1250 per year for the duration of your undergraduate degree.  The bursaries are open to: students who have joined the University from a Further Education College; students who studied at a school with a low proportion of pupils progressing to university; students who have spent some time in care (for more information on how we define time spent in care, please visit our dedicated Care Leavers Webpage).  To find out more information about this and other bursaries - and how to apply - please visit our Undergraduate Scholarships Information page.

Other Bursaries and Scholarships
The Student Financial Support Team have also collated a list of other sources of funding (including trust funds and bursaries).  You should read this to find out if there are any you are eligible for.  You should also ask your academic department if there are other bursaries and scholarships that you may be eligible for - sometimes new external scholarships are created which your academic department finds out about first, so it's always worth asking!

General Student Financial Advice
We strongly recommend that all students should explore the Student Finance webpages to ensure you have accessed all the funds available to you including tuition fees, childcare costs and, if you are in financial difficulty, the discretionary fund.

We understand that sometimes the level of information can be a bit daunting, so if you are unsure what you may be eligible for you should contact a member of the Student Financial Support Team, who will be more than happy to help:

Student Financial Support Team
McCance Building
16 Richmond Street
G1 1XQ

Tel: (0141) 548 2753