Clinical study proves VetAfrica app saves livestock

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Clinical Study Proves VetAfrica Mobile App Saves Livestock; an app developed by Cojengo Ltd (University of Strathclyde supported business). Enterprise Partners and former Rising Stars Cojengo Ltd developed VetAfrica as a smartphone based diagnostic tool used in animal heath to improve disease diagnosis, surveillance and treatment of cattle in sub-Saharan Africa.




Craig Taylor, CEO of Cojengo stated:

“This is a huge milestone for us, we’ve been working on ground breaking new methods of performing diagnosis on a smartphone for over a year, to finally have statistically credible results from the field will give us the blueprint and model to scale a proven design and product”.




Addis Ababa University College of Veterinary Medicine who coordinated the field elements of the study, used the application and smartphone devices for four months; recording over 1,000 cases as the app became an integral part of the daily working lives of the clinical practice of their final year veterinarians.

The study shows VetAfrica to be effective, catering for 80% of cattle diseases commonly found in rural Ethiopia. A 70% level of agreement was shown between veterinary users and the application when diagnosing livestock. These statistics underline the effectiveness and performance of VetAfrica in the field and means farmers and less experienced veterinary professionals can now receive credible content and decision support via VetAfrica - allowing them to help treat livestock and save animals faster. This evidence will act as a catalyst to speed up delivery of the VetAfrica product across Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda via an existing distribution network of private and public sector organisations to reach the tens of millions of farmers, extension staff and vets across the continent that may benefit from VetAfrica.

Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network supported Cojengo in the early stages and development of the company. Cojengo Ltd have been supported by a number of contributors to Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network including Gabriel Investments and The Enterprise Team, offering a wide range of programmes/support that stems from various avenues of enterprise and commercialisation activity at Strathclyde. Through their involvement in SEN, Cojengo met their now Non - Executive Chairman Mr Barry Hochfield and Non - Executive Director Allen Scott.

The company have also given back to the network through becoming mentors for future Strathclyde entrepreneurs by generously volunteering their time and experiences to the Strathclyde community. Last year founder Craig Taylor was recognized by the University and awarded the Strathclyde People Award last year (2014).

















Cojengo pictured above (from left to right): Sami Ibrahim, Iain Collins, Craig Taylor and Barry Hochfield

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