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Kirsty Alexander is a teacher on the MSc in Applied Gender Studies. 

Kirsty's academic background is in Politics yet she has a strong interdisciplinary knowledge-base and approach to teaching and learning. She is a Strathclyde alumna, having completed her BSc (Hons) in Politics, MSc in Public Policy and, in 2010, her PhD in Feminist Thought here. Kirsty has worked as a research assistant and postdoctoral researcher for health and social movement research projects, and she has taught at various universities including Manchester and Stirling.

Kirsty's teaching and research interests revolve around feminism, gender studies, ecology and horticulture (philosophy and practice-based), love studies and men and masculinity studies. These interests are reflected in what Kirsty teaches in Applied Gender Studies. She contributes to the core modules Understanding Gender; Feminist Knowledge, Feminist Research; and Feminisms - Continuities and Change. She convenes Advanced Topics in Gender Studies and supervises dissertation students. 


Feminism and solidarity on the left : rethinking the unhappy marriage metaphor
Alexander Kirsty, Eschle Catherine, Morrison Jenny, Tulbure Mairi
Political Studies Vol 67, pp. 972-991 (2019)
Globalizing collective identities : from the global justice movement to the "global wave"
Eschle Catherine, Alexander Kirsty
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Is identity politics compatible with the pursuit of global justice?
Alexander Kirsty, Eschle Catherine
Handbook on Gender in World Politics (2016) (2016)
America's Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage : [Daniel R. Pinello. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2006. ISBN 0–5216–1303–5]
Alexander Kirsty
International Feminist Journal of Politics Vol 10, pp. 268-269 (2008)

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Journalism, Media and Communication
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