Mrs Gillian Hopkins Anderson

Research Associate

Management Science

Personal statement

Gillian Anderson is interested in working with organisations to help solve problems and provide an outsiders perspective on problems they face. She has been involved in consulting and knowledge exchange projects within Department of Management Science since 2011. Her expertise lies in transferring and applying operational research methods to diverse research and consulting projects. With a background in process engineering, an honours degree in Business technology and excellent people skills she can get under the skin of an organisation to find out what is going on at grass roots level. She has worked with Scottish Power, Glasgow Life and Citizens’ Advice Bureau in collaboration with academic experts in the Department of Management Science.

Currently working in the public healthcare sector supported by Dr Robert van der Meer and Prof Alec Morton  and funded by the Quality and Efficiency Support Team (QUEST) of the Scottish Government. The project will Increase the evidence base for orthopaedic process re-design to inform decision making at a health board and government level. This will be achieved by using discrete event simulation as a way of modelling natural and random variation within the processes. By allowing us to model variability at different parts of the process we gain a clear picture of how resources are utilised and budgets spent. Being able to explore ‘what if scenarios’ allows hospitals to identify efficiencies and tackle capacity and capability issues within their service.


Service re-design in healthcare : the impact of innovative methods to compare costs and benefits
Millar Robyn, Anderson Gillian H, Van Der Meer Robert, Morton Alec
Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary Vol 43 (2019)
Devising logical rules in healthcare operations management
Ahmed Fahim, Anderson Gillian Hopkins, Van Der Meer Robert
Operational Research Society Annual Conference (2018)
Cost comparison of orthopaedic fracture pathways using discrete event simulation in a Glasgow hospital
Anderson Gillian H, Jenkins Paul J, McDonald David A, Van Der Meer Robert, Morton Alec, Nugent Margaret, Rymaszewski Lech A
BMJ Open Vol 7 (2017)
Modelling the critical care pathway for cardiothoracic surgery
Bahou Nicolas, Fenwick Claire, Anderson Gillian, van der Meer Robert, Vassalos Tony
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Cost-effectiveness of a nurse-led ORIF ankle care programme
Martin Maria Cristina, Akartunali Kerem, Anderson Gillian Hopkins
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Modelling the critical care pathway for cardiothoracic surgery
Bahou Nicolas, Fenwick Claire, Anderson Gillian Hopkins, Van Der Meer Robert, Vassalos Tony
8th Institute of Mathematics & its Applications International Conference on Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health and Social Care (2016)

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Professional activities

COVID-19 bed modelling for NHS Lanarkshire
Workshop on Conceptual Modelling for Discrete Event Simulation
NHS Scotland Event 2019
Informed Decision Analytics (IDeA) Workshop
Member of programme committee
Discrete Event Simulation Workshop
Realistic Medicine Conference 2018

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Discrete Event Simulation Support 2018-19
van der Meer, Robert (Principal Investigator) Ahmed, Fahim (Academic) Anderson, Gillian Hopkins (Academic)
10-Jan-2018 - 09-Jan-2019
Discrete Event Simulation Support
van der Meer, Robert (Principal Investigator) Ahmed, Fahim (Co-investigator) Anderson, Gillian Hopkins (Co-investigator) Morton, Alec (Co-investigator)
09-Jan-2017 - 08-Jan-2018

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