Dr Oles Andriychuk

Senior Lecturer


Personal statement

I joined Strathclyde in January 2019 as a Senior Lecturer in Law. Before taking this position, I held a lectureship and then senior lectureship at the University of Stirling (2012-2018) and a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Centre for Competition Policy, UEA (2009-2012).

I have completed a monograph on the philosophical foundations of European Competition Law and Policy (Edward Elgar, August 2017) and published widely on various aspects of Competition Law, Legal Philosophy (Jurisprudence) and Law and Technology (more 20+ outputs).

In my current research I address several themes in Telecommunications Law, Competition Law and the Digital Economy, Internet Law and Intellectual Property Law and Media Law. My work focuses on such phenomena as big data and the power of algorithms, the regulation of social networks and new media, post-truth and post-postmodern law, antitrust and disruptive technologies, electronic communications, platform convergence and the idea of net neutrality, and various aspects of sports broadcasting rights.


The Normative Foundations of European Competition Law : Assessing the Goals of Antitrust through the Lens of Legal Philosophy
Andriychuk Oles
Exclusive legal positivism and legal autopoiesis : towards a theory of dialectical positivism
Andriychuk Oles
Rechtstheorie Vol 46, pp. 37-70 (2015)
Thinking Inside the Box : Why Competition as a Process is a Sui Generis Right – a Methodological Observation
Andriychuk Oles
The Goals of Competition Law. (2013) (2013)
The law – morality conundrum : on the multifaceted sources of normativity
Andriychuk Oles
Rechtstheorie Vol 44, pp. 1-28 (2013)
The dialectics of competition law : sketching the Ordo-Austrian approach to antitrust
Andriychuk Oles
World Competition: Law and Economic Review Vol 35, pp. 355-384 (2012)
The concept of perfect competition as the law of economics : addressing the homonymy problem
Andriychuk Oles
Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly Vol 62, pp. 523-538 (2011)

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