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Dr Monica Barry

Principal Research Fellow


Personal statement

Monica Barry is a Principal Research Fellow at the School of Law, Strathclyde University and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. Her research includes evaluations of criminal and youth justice policy and practice and her research interests centre on criminal justice policy, desistance from crime, youth policy, offender reintegration and the impact of youth transitions on offending behaviour. She is the author of Youth Offending in Transition: The search for social recognition (Routledge: 2006), editor of Youth Policy and Social Inclusion: Critical debates with young people (Routledge: 2005), and joint editor with Fergus McNeill of Youth Offending and Youth Justice (Jessica Kingsley: 2009). Monica welcomes enquiries from prospective postgraduate research students in the above areas.


'Youth offending, youth transitions and social recognition' : rethinking youth justice policy and practice
Barry Monica
Juvenile DelinquencyJuvenile Delinquency, (2017)
Young offenders' views of desistance in Japan : a comparison with Scotland
Barry Monica
Comparative Criminology in AsiaAsian Criminology and Criminal Justice Research, (2017)
On the cusp of recognition : using critical theory to promote desistance among young offenders
Barry Monica
Theoretical Criminology Vol 20, (2016)
The automatic early release and supervision of prisoners in Scotland
Barry Monica
Edinburgh Law Review Vol 20, pp. 94-99, (2016)
Managing high risk offenders in the community : compliance, cooperation and consent in a climate of concern
Weaver Beth, Barry Monica
European Journal of Probation Vol 6, pp. 278-295, (2014)
Risky business? Supporting desistance from sexual offending
Weaver Beth, Barry Monica
Responding to Sexual OffendingResponding to Sexual Offending, (2014)

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Professional activities

Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament (External organisation)
Risk Management Authority (RMA) (External organisation)
Howard Journal of Criminal Justice (Journal)
Editorial board member
Social Work Scotland (External organisation)

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Diverting Young Offenders from Crime
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Oct-2014 - 30-Sep-2017
Impact evaluation: Custody to Community Voice
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator) Weaver, Elizabeth (Co-investigator)
Period 01-May-2014 - 31-Mar-2016
Polmont Prison Visitor Centre evaluation
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator) Weaver, Elizabeth (Co-investigator)
Period 01-Apr-2014 - 31-Mar-2015
Interviewing young offenders in Japan for research and in comparison to study in Scotland
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator)
Interviewing young offenders in Japan for research and in comparison to study in Scotland
Period 01-Jul-2013 - 31-Aug-2013
Regulating Justice: The dynamics of compliance and breach in criminal justice social work in Scotland
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator) Piacentini, Laura (Co-investigator) Weaver, Elizabeth (Co-investigator)
"Over 40 per cent of people serving community punishments are subject to breach (not complying with a disposal because of further offending or failing to keep to conditions), yet the processes of compliance and breach are little understood or researched. This study of breach and compliance in Scotland uses quantitative and qualitative data to explore how offenders and professionals interpret compliance and breach; what factors relating to policy, practice and offender characteristics affect compliance and breach; and how breach policy and practice can be enhanced so as to encourage the cessation of offending. A literature review, the collection of aggregate data nationally and 548 interviews with professionals and offenders in 3 case study areas are the 3 methods to be used. A Research Advisory Group has been set up and Strathclyde University's Ethics Committee has approved the research methods. The study seeks to impact politically (boosting confidence in criminal justice social work amongst the judiciary, offenders and the wider public), economically (ensuring that social work engagement with offenders works to secure their cooperation and reintegration), and operationally (offering new ways for supervising social workers to engage meaningfully with offenders subject to community-based disposals and post-custodial orders)."
Period 01-Dec-2012 - 30-May-2015
An Evaluation of "The Journey"
Barry, Monica (Principal Investigator)
Period 01-Mar-2010 - 28-Feb-2013

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