Dr Patrick Bayer



Personal statement

I am a Reader in International Relations in the School of Government & Public Policy and Chancellor’s Fellow in the Centre for Energy Policy at the University of Strathclyde. My research focuses on international cooperation and the political economy of environmental regulation and energy policy. I am particularly interested in how the domestic political economy and political incentives shape governments’ and firms’ responses to climate change and the global energy transformation.

In currently ongoing work, I study the politics of carbon markets, firms’ commitments to corporate decarbonisation, and the distributional effects of climate policy. I also lead a recently awarded ESRC project on the role of science in internatonal climate cooperation. I received the Emerging Young Scholar Award of APSA's Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP) section in 2021 and successfully obtained funding from the British Academy, the Carnegie Trust, and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). My teaching regularly involves classes on international organizations and global energy/climate policy and politics.

Among other outlets, my work was published in the Journal of Politics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Energy Economics, PNAS, and Science Advances. My book on Escaping the Energy Poverty Trap was published with MIT Press in 2018 and offers the first comprehensive political science account of energy poverty. I have written for The Washington Post‘s Monkey Cage, VoxDev, The Conversation and the LSE's EUROPP blog. My work has been covered by The Economist.

Prizes and awards

APSA STEP Emerging Young Scholar Award
Nomination for Teaching Excellence Award in the category "Going the Extra Mile", Strathclyde Student Union
Karin-Islinger Prize
Lorenz-von-Stein Prize
Runner-up Jean Blondel PhD Prize

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PgCert in Academic Practice, University of Glasgow, 2019
PhD in Political Science, University of Mannheim, 2013
MSc in Environmental & Resource Economics, University College London, 2008
BA in Philosophy & Economics, University of Bayreuth, 2007


Beliefs about consequences from climate action under weak climate institutions : sectors, home bias, and international embeddedness
Bayer Patrick, Genovese Federica
Global Environmental Politics Vol 20, pp. 28-50 (2020)
The European Union emissions trading system reduced CO2 emissions despite low prices
Bayer Patrick, Aklin Michaël
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vol 117, pp. 8804-8812 (2020)
The need for impact evaluation in electricity access research
Bayer Patrick, Kennedy Ryan, Yang Joonseok, Urpelainen Johannes
Energy Policy Vol 137 (2020)
Shades of darkness or light? A systematic review of geographic bias in impact evaluations of electricity access
Hamburger David, Jaeger Joel, Bayer Patrick, Kennedy Ryan, Yang Joonseok, Urpelainen Johannes
Energy Research and Social Science Vol 58 (2019)
Many voices in the room : a national survey experiment on how framing changes views toward fracking in the United States
Bayer Patrick, Ovodenko Alexander
Energy Research and Social Science Vol 56 (2019)
Escaping the energy poverty trap : when and how governments power the lives of the poor
Aklin Michaël, Bayer Patrick, Harish S P, Urpelainen Johannes

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Professional activities

Deep Climate Conversations on "Assessing COP27"
Interview with RTE Brainstorm on the European energy price crisis
UN Climate Conference (COP27)
American Political Science Asssociation (APSA) Annual Conference
Interview with FORESIGHT Climate & Energy about carbon markets and climate finance
Workshop on Climate Politics, ETH Zurich

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How Credible are Firms’ Voluntary Climate Commitments? An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Climate Action
Bayer, Patrick (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 31-Jan-2023
The Politics of Science in International Climate Cooperation
Bayer, Patrick (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2022 - 30-Jan-2024
The sectoral politics of climate policy: Domestic conflict and UK public support for ambitious climate action
Bayer, Patrick (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2021 - 30-Jan-2022
The Effectiveness of Carbon Markets in Europe, 2005-2012
Bayer, Patrick (Principal Investigator) Aklin, M. (Co-investigator)
Funding: British Academy Small Grant SG171349, £7,813
01-Jan-2018 - 31-Jan-2019
The Local Economics and Politics of Shale Gas Energy in the US
Bayer, Patrick (Co-investigator) Ovodenko, Alexander (Co-investigator)
Funding: Resources for the Future John V. Krutilla Research Stipend, $5,500
13-Jan-2015 - 30-Jan-2016
Rural Electrification with Offgrid Community Microgrids: An Impact Evaluation in Uttar Pradesh India
Aklin, M. (Co-investigator) Bayer, Patrick (Co-investigator) Harish, S. P. (Co-investigator) Urpelainen, J. (Principal Investigator)
Funding: IGC Growth Centre, £26,653
22-Jan-2013 - 31-Jan-2015

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