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Dr Caralyn Blaisdell




Evaluation of Talking Tales and Moving Matters Residency Projects
Blaisdell Cara, Morton Sarah
Putting reflexivity into practice : experiences from ethnographic fieldwork
Blaisdell Cara
Ethics and Social Welfare Vol 9, pp. 83-91, (2015)
Introduction to the Special Issue on involving children and young people in research
Blaisdell Caralyn, Harden Jeni, Tisdall E. Kay M.
International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies Vol 5, pp. 605-610, (2014)
Inclusive or exclusive participation : paradigmatic tensions in the mosaic approach and implications for childhood research
Blaisdell Caralyn
Childhoods Today Vol 6, (2012)

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Research interests

I am interested in children's rights, and how those rights are made real. Most of my focus has been on the recognition (or lack thereof) of children's voice, agency and contributions to social life, and how this is intertwined with the dynamics of child-adult relationships/generationing. I am interested in research methods and ethics with young children and am increasingly inspired by feminist perspectives around the politics of emotions, power and place.