Dr Caralyn Blaisdell




Participatory work with young children : the trouble and transformation of age-based hierarchies
Blaisdell Caralyn
Children's Geographies, pp. 1-13 (2018)
Look who's talking : using creative, playful arts-based methods in research with young children
Blaisdell Caralyn, Arnott Lorna, Wall Kate, Robinson Carol
Journal of Early Childhood Research (2018)
Listening to young children : meaningful participation in early childhood settings
Blaisdell Caralyn
Evaluation of Talking Tales and Moving Matters Residency Projects
Blaisdell Cara, Morton Sarah
Putting reflexivity into practice : experiences from ethnographic fieldwork
Blaisdell Cara
Ethics & Social Welfare Vol 9, pp. 83-91 (2015)
Introduction to the Special Issue on involving children and young people in research
Blaisdell Caralyn, Harden Jeni, Tisdall E Kay M
International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies Vol 5, pp. 605-610 (2014)

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Research interests

Dr. Cara Blaisdell is a Lecturer in Early Years Education at the University of Strathclyde. She is an experienced early years practitioner whose work focuses on children's rights and early learning and childcare. She is particularly interested in exploring how young children's voice, agency and contributions to social life are recognized, and how recognition occurs within interdependent social relationships. She also works on methodology and ethics in research with children.

Professional activities

Research Briefing: using creative, playful arts-based methods in research with young children.
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Telling Life Stories: developing a Froebelian approach to documenting children's experiences in the early years
Blaisdell, Caralyn (Principal Investigator)
01-Jan-2017 - 30-Jan-2019

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