Dr Niall Bootland

Research Associate

Mathematics and Statistics

Personal statement

I work with Dr Victorita Dolean as a research associate in scientific computing of wave scattering problems and applications.

Previously I completed my doctorate under Prof Andy Wathen in collaboration with the US Army Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory where I worked on scalable two-phase flow solvers, in particular focusing on preconditioning for variable coefficient Navier–Stokes equations.


You can find me at these upcoming events:

  • DD26  7 Dec to 11 Dec 2020  Hong Kong (now online)
  • SIAM CSE 2021 — 1 Mar to 5 Mar 2021 — Fort Worth, Texas, USA (and online)

or else feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in my work.

You can also find my ResearchGate profile here and my Google Scholar profile here.


Solving periodic semilinear stiff PDEs in 1D, 2D and 3D with exponential integrators
Montanelli Hadrien, Bootland Niall
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation Vol 178, pp. 307-327 (2020)
Preconditioners for two-phase incompressible Navier-Stokes flow
Bootland Niall, Bentley Alistair, Kees Christopher, Wathen Andrew
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing Vol 41, pp. B843–B869 (2019)
Automatic Optimised Design of Umbilicals
Bootland Niall, Brosa Planella Ferran, Christmas Jacqueline, Lunz Davin, Dewynne Jeff, Fadai Nabil, Gower Artur, Hicks Peter, Kovalchuk Vasyl, Lacey Andrew, Lackner Marie-Louise, Lee Sara, Ockendon John, Pereira Victoria, Piette Bernard, Purvis Richard, Roy Thomas, Spelman Tamsin, Timms Robert
Study Group Reports Study Group Reports (2016)
Segmentation and Scene Content in Moving Images
Badziahin Dmitry, Brosa Planella Ferran, Ferreira Marina, Gazzola Silvia, Herterich James, Krupp Armin, Lim Sean, Miklavcic Stan, Pronko Rafal, Skinner Jim, Bootland Niall, Coban Sophia, Nilsen Riseth Asbjørn
Study Group Reports Study Group Reports (2015)

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Professional activities

Minisymposium on Preconditioning Methods for Frequency Domain Wave Problems
Minisymposium on Recent Advances in Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Flows
Workshop on Iterative Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Scottish Numerical Methods Network 2019
Workshop on Parallel Solution Methods for Systems Arising from PDEs
University of Bath
Visiting researcher
Minisymposium on Preconditioning and Iterative Methods for Differential Equations

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Mathematics and Statistics
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